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Genetic diagnosis of a patient

Discover pathogenic mutations from rare disease patients

Discovery of gene(s) responsible for rare disease

Discovery of somatic mutations that cause tumors

The Functional Genomics lab is a part of the Department of Biomedical Research at Seoul National University College of Medicine


Seoul National University Graduate School, Biomedical Science Building 107, 103 Daehakro, Jongro-gu, Seoul 03080, Republic of Korea.

서울시 종로구 대학로 103  
서울대학교 의과대학 의과학관
TEL (02) 3668-7681


Jun 1, 2023
Congratulations to the lab for getting the Samsung Science & Technology Foundation Grant!

Feb 28, 2023
Congratulations to Jeongeun for her Ph.D!

Mar 1, 2022
Congratulations to Sung Eun for getting the MD-PhD fellowship!

Aug 30, 2021
Congratulations to Taekyeong for her Ph.D!

Aug 30, 2020
Congratulations to Yeongha for his Ph.D!

Aug 30, 2019
Congratulations to Jeongha for getting the Global PhD fellowship!

Aug 30, 2019
Congratulations to Jana for her MS!

Feb 27, 2019

Congratulations to Moses for his Ph.D!

Aug 30, 2018
Congratulations to Yongjin for his Ph.D!

Feb 27, 2018

Congratulations to Sangmoon for his Ph.D!

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